Monday, February 1, 2010

Caucus Day in Minnesota tomorrow

If you live in a caucus state, check your state website to determine your caucus dates and location, and plan to attend. It's a great way to have a little say about what happens in the government.

In Minnesota, the caucuses are scheduled tomorrow night at 7:00. See the Secretary of State page for details. Although I know where to caucus, I just checked it out to see how their finder tool does. It actually works! Yes, I am a bit amazed. Up until this very moment, I had yet to find anything on the web that gets our address in the right spot or our precinct, representatives, etc, correct. Kudos to whoever designed that search tool. (I just can't bring myself to credit it to Mark Richie...just a little residual grudge against the man.)

I'm going to caucus with other residents of Deer Park Township at the Pennington County Republican Party caucuses at Franklin Middle School in Thief River Falls.

I plan to vote for Tom Emmer in the straw pole.

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