Sunday, February 21, 2010

Girls' Night Out and My Fair Lady

When I changed my ticker this morning (yes, the very same ticker that doesn't move as quickly as it's supposed to...) I found an ad for Harley Davidson Girls' Night Out Garage Party. I don't happen to have a Harley, nor have I even driven a motor cycle. But I can dream just as well as the next person.

The kids and I recently watched the old My Fair Lady, with Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle. I think there was a similar line in the movie, "I can dream just as well as the next person." Maybe I'm imagining it. I can't think where it occurred. Just sounds familiar.

I was not aware of all the various people who have played and sang for the part of Eliza. Apparently, in the movie, her singing voice was dubbed at least for some of the songs, by Marni Nixon. One of the videos of "Wouldn't it be Loverly" that I found had the undubbed version with Audrey Hepburn singing it. It makes me wonder why they dubbed it and if they dubbed all the songs or just some.

Apparently, Julie Andrews was Eliza in the original Broadway production. A Julie Andrews fan has compiled a neat slide show with her voice and snapshots from the Broadway production. It's really a neat slice of history. In her comments on YouTube, she bemoans the fact that she was "born in the wrong decade" to see Julie Andrews perform. I can understand her sentiment.

But I totally get a kick out of all my kids singing these old songs. We'd previously seen Oklahoma, Sound of Music, and Camelot. I think we'll get Fiddler on the Roof next. Sorry Joe.


Joe Abrahamson said...

How about my favorite musical? Spinal Tap? Well? OK, anyway, I've requested Pink Floyd's The Wall. You don't have to sit through it, but, I think the cultural literacy excuse is valid for that one. "I am comfortably numb."

theMom said...

Wonderful. I can't wait.

Satire, dripping like molasses...

madhenmom said...

I love My Fair Lady. Unfortunately, our VHS copy doesn't work. I'll have to get the DVD from the library. The racetrack scene where she's talking about "them that took the hat done her in" (or something like that) totally cracks me up.

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