Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weird Coincidence

This is not at all important, but...

After hearing a certain couple talk about their Mad Men foray, I requested the first season from the library. I don't often request an entire season, since it involves so much viewing time, but our librarian, knowing our somewhat infrequent viewing habits, will often extend our loan time to give us time to get through an entire season without having to perpetually renew our selection. But, alas, since Mad Men already had another hold on it, she was unable to accommodate us. It is due Thursday; we've watched a single episode. We probably will not get a chance to view more. But it can always be requested again at a less busy time of life. Is there one?

But here is the weird thing. As I said in my last post, the kids and I recently watched My Fair Lady. One of my favorite songs from the movie is "On The Street Where You Live". The actor is Jeremy Brett, but the dubbed vocals are apparently done by Bill Shirley. The voice kind of reminded me of Johnny Mathis or Tony Bennett, the voices both of whom I'm very fond. Such deep, rich tones and controlled vibrato.

So here we are tonight, watching Mad Men, and in the closing scene the big powerful Madison Avenue ad exec comes home to his waiting wife and kids. As he tucks the blanket around his sleeping children's chins, the background song is "On the Street Where You Live", this time, sung by Vic Damone & Percy Faith, whoever they are. (Sorry if you're a fan, but, well, I'm not really a music head.) It did strike me as odd, though, that a mere three nights ago, I might have recognized the song and been able to sing along a few phrases, perhaps. But I'm quite sure I would not have associated it with the show, My Fair Lady.

When I pointed out that it was Freddy's song from My Fair Lady, You know what Joe said? He asked if it was Johnny Mathis singing.

So in case anyone's curious, here are some other singers and or songs of the genre I really like. You'll have to look up your own audio clips or videos. Nat King Cole, nearly anything (I don't like "A Blossom Fell" for some reason); Roger Wittaker, "The Last Farewell"; Julie London, "Fly me to the Moon"; Patty Paige, "Tennessee Waltz"; Frank Sinatra, "Moon River" and others; and it's kind of morbid but I like "Green, Green Grass of Home", I'm not sure which singer.

Since I mentioned Johnnie Mathis earlier, this is my very favorite oldie.

Although, I guess "Chances Are" is pretty high up there, too. Ah, how does one decide?


Joe Abrahamson said...

Yeah, It was a very good year.

Nothing better than a video of Bill Shatner doing a Sinatra Classic.

theMom said...

Frightening how much that reminded me of the video you posted on your blog of Al Gore reading his "Poem".

madhenmom said...

There's a Joe vs. the Volcano 'On the Street Where You Live' connection also. I couldn't find it on youtube, though.
Dave thinks Tom Jones is probably the Green Green Grass of Home version you're thinking of.
Awhile back, Dave bought a Willie Nelson 'Stardust' album. He said they listened to it all of the time growing up. It's become one of my favorites, and I think you'd enjoy it, too, if you could find a CD version from the library.

madhenmom said...

You could go here for the Joe v Volcano songs:

wv: dizaten
Dizzy mom of ten? (sorry, couldn't resist :) )