Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Fun

OK, I confess, I'm on a bit of an exercise rebellion. Not a big one. But with the longer days, I'm craving outdoor activity. The exercise DVDs are not inspiring me. I'm almost ready to start walking in the morning before the kids are up. It's light at 6:30 now. But it's still cold. Yesterday was 20 below; and by the time the kids got on the bus at a little after 7:00, it was actually colder yet at 23 below. So, yeah, I'm probably not going to race out there for an early morning walk.

But the kids and I have some new toys. Thanks to a generous long-term loan (really, by the time this family is done with them, there probably won't be much left...) we now have several sets of cross country skis. We have two complete sets and parts of others we can add to when we get to Fargo or Grand Forks for a thrift store day.

So in keeping with celebrating the lengthening days, after we got back from piano lessons today, Elsie and Clara tried out the girls' set. I got the littler ones bundled and headed out myself.

Clara skied first, and she had already handed the skis to Elsie and donned her snowboots. By the time I got out there, they were already 1/4 mile down the field south of our place, heading toward one of their favorite "forts". John and Stella and I headed out. I haven't cross country skied in years and even then not often. So it was really a learning experience. I didn't know how far I'd go, but the snow mobile tracks headed south, so I went that way too.

Soon we also were nearly to the fort. This was, I must confess, after a few falls. Yes, one of which was a nice noodle-leg, all tangled-up spill, just as a car was passing on the highway. I hope you had a good laugh whoever you are!

I wasn't sure the little ones should head out that far at that time of day, but they did well and didn't want to head back. It was probably in the 20s (above) at that time and the wind was actually calm. A rare thing around here. John and Stella don't get to go to any of the "forts" often, so it's a real treat when they get to.

When we got there I found Elsie sitting on a bolder in her stocking feet. "Clara wanted to ski while I rested and her boots are too small for me." OK...

I told the little ones I'd go around the fort once and then we'd head home. The sun was beginning to head down and it doesn't take long in February once it begins.

As I was returning to the fort, to get the little ones, Elsie was hollering to Clara to hurry up and Clara was stuck. So by the time I helped her out and then fell again myself and couldn't get my skis back in and eventually got rolling, it was getting somewhat dusky. "Hurry Mike Mulligan, hurry! There isn't much time left.

We raced home and guess what? I got to move my ticker 45 minutes! yeah! And it was work. The exercise, that is, not moving the ticker. I can feel lots of heretofore unidentified bundles of muscle. I hope the weather stays nice and the wind calm. I hope I get some more use out of these skis before winter is over. I had kind of given up on meeting my ticker goal, but with a few more longish ski trips, I just might make it. Thank you Sharon!

Oh, I might add that I had put an older child in charge of the littlest two while I did all this. I will let him remain nameless. Oops...I guess I just gave it away. Louisa was away this evening and got home a few minutes before we got back. The first things she said when I got in the door, "Just so you know Mom, when I got in, Inge and Donna were both playing in the toilet water." Grrr.

So there's the rub. How to get minutes on my ticker without letting the household slide into the toilet.

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