Saturday, April 10, 2010

Current Events Photo Trivia

I was doing a little reading last night, looking for some tidbit of information. I don't even remember what. Isn't that how it is with the Internet. We have so much information at our fingertips.

I followed a link to Another Black Conservative blog. The photos in the header of this blog caught my eye. Photos of well-known African Americans who the blog author apparently considers to be important conservatives of color throughout American history.

Since I get the majority of my information through the printed word (I'm counting on-line news sources here), I don't always know what a well-known person looks like. I read the names in quotes or articles, so I am often familiar with various contemporary personalities. But since I don't always see a photo or video clip I'm not always able to put a face together with any given name.

Just to test my familiarity with historical and contemporary persons, I tried to put a name with each face in the above blog. And what do you know? I got them all right.

How will you score?

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