Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oklee Area Mother of Ten Jogs a Mile.

Breaking news. This just in.

I just jogged a mile. Yes, it took me 11:38. But I did it. I think this is the first mile I've jogged non-stop in about 18 years. My oldest son is going to be 17 this summer and I honestly don't recall jogging a mile since he was born.

Of course any of you who are facebook friends with Matt already know this, since he broadcasted it around the world in that fashion. Ahhhh, facebook. But I'm tickled he's proud of me. He rode his bike along side with a stopwatch and gave me periodic updates on my time. I'm quite sure I did better than I would have had he not been there cheering me along.

I did not even intend to jog the entire way. Matt had just timed himself on two miles and Louisa on a mile. He was making a chart to record his times. I told him to add a column for me. Then Matt and I went out to get a baseline time for me. I thought I'd just jog some and walk some as I usually do. I told him not to expect me to make it more that 4 or 5 power poles (100 yards each). But I just kept plugging along and made it the whole way.

So...yes, I added 12 minutes to my ticker. A strange number, but I'm not going to let this accomplishment go uncounted! Maybe I can find a gadget that lets me enter timed distances. Then I could do that instead of a ticker for the next few months. Anyone know of anything that would allow me to do that?


madhenmom said...

Yay, Mary! I saw Matt's post on facebook, too, and was very excited for you!

theMom said...

Thanks, Char. It is kind of exciting.

I walked two miles today and jogged for about the first 1/4 mile of the second mile. My goal today was to do a faster pace for a shorter distance.

But I got to add 35 minutes to my ticker!