Monday, April 26, 2010

I hope you all noticed...

I finished my Easter ticker. Yes, I know, a day late and a dollar short and all that. But, well, it's still an accomplishment and hence something to celebrate.

Building upon my recent jog with Matt and a little bit of additional jogging I've done by myself, I'm setting a very ambitious 20 mile jogging goal before my birthday, June 13. That amounts to 2 miles a week rounded up to the nearest ten. So, yes, that's ambitious. And it gives me motivation to keep trying, so I can continue to enter my (ideally) ever-improving times on the chart Matt made.

I did some checking and couldn't find a widget that would allow me to do that on my blog; I may or may not keep everyone "posted." If you never hear anything more, you can assume it is all a very sorry state of affairs.. There were a few sites that would allow me to design a custom widget; but, alas, computer programing skills are strangely absent from my genetic makeup. I didn't even understand the words for various tools they said I could use to do it.

The minutes should not be hard. Building upon my recent failures to meet my time goals, I scaled back a bit. I think my others were about 1200 miles in three months. This new one is 750 minutes in 8 weeks. It is not substantially less than before, but a wee bit. I started by figuring 20 minutes 4 times per week. But then I still rounded up to the nearest 250 minutes. Somehow it just feels more even. Don't ask. I wouldn't be able to explain. But you may call me Mrs. Monk if you wish.


madhenmom said...

Good job completing your goal! I like your new goals, too.
FTR, within the post you say something to the effect that you've set a manageable goal of 750 miles (something like that). I'm pretty sure you meant minutes, but it made me smile.

wv: totnea - the condition of having your sleep interrupted to check on your tots!

theMom said...

Yes, Char, thanks for pointing that out. I guess a meager 750 miles would be a bit optimistic.

Let's see, that would be 93.75 miles per week, or a mere 13.4 miles per day.

Perhaps it was that exaggeration thing I mentioned in the other post sneaking in again.