Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Exercise Update

I didn't obviously didn't make my ticker goal by Easter, but I'm still plugging along.

We went on a little post-Easter break so I was able to get in some hiking with the kids. Two different days, I went out with the kids and although I didn't check the clock either time (it was vacation after all) I gave myself 2 hrs and 20 minutes. I know one day was longer than an hour, but we didn't walk steadily. The other day was probably at least an hour, but I'm not sure anymore.

I was carrying a child on my back each day and the first day, I didn't take the stroller for the younger one, so I was carrying one on front and holding the other for some of the way. So the way I look at it, the extra work translates into any minutes I may have estimated wrongly.

The other somewhat interesting thing I've been doing is track practice with Louisa on occasion.

Louisa is in a play that will take place this weekend, Take Your Medicine. Because Oklee school is pretty small, they encourage the kids to be in multiple things. They would not have enough participants in most things if the kids didn't do this. The coaches and directors and other helpers for the various activities then have to be flexible about the kids attending every practice.

For those kids who are in both play and track, since track started, they have been missing occasional play practices to practice track. Other times they attend play practice and run on their own.

So there have been a couple of days that Louisa asks me to run with her. Now, I don't really run. I'm getting there. I can do much more than I could before. But certainly not as much as she can.

Last night we ran/walked a mile and then did her track practice drills. For the drills the coach has them do a series of strange runs and walks with legs going every which way. Some are quite challenging. We take turns crossing the parking lot with these unusual gaits. In case you drive by and see us out there, that is what we are doing. Hopefully that will never happen. I do try to watch and make sure there are no cars coming before my turn. :-)

With the play coming up this weekend, Louisa will be missing all her track practices this week. I'm not sure how often we'll go out together, but hopefully before the end of the week, I'll have my last 85 minutes done and be able to start my Spring Ticker.

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