Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Walking Team

Here's to my walking friends.  I consider your company during exercise an immense blessing in my life.  I love you all and am ever so thankful we have each other.
Mary, Jan, Lana, Connie
About a year ago, I started exercising with Connie L, in her basement.  We kept this up throughout the winter last year.  We used our pooled exercise equipment in Connie's basement.  And we cheered each other on.  Having another person to keep me accountable is good, but the visiting we did was even better.

When spring came, we walked outside.  Soon, Lana N. and Jan D. joined us, and we took turns walking along the roadways near each other's homes, throughout out the summer.   We jabbered away many miles.

When fall came, we looked forward with sad hearts for the day we'd have to move inside due to cold or snow or wind.  We tossed around several ideas of how we'd all fit in one place to continue our mutual conversation and consolation during the drudgery of exercise.  Then Lana had the idea of using the apartment that had been added to her house for her late mother.  Currently Lana uses it for a guest apartment and extra space.

When the cold weather loomed nearer, she got the space all cleared out, and we brought over our various pieces of equipment.  We have two tread mills, an exercise bike, a Cardio-Glide, a Gazelle, and a mat for stretching or floor exercises.

But the cold weather didn't come and we continued to walk outside.  Eventually, with the fall and winter wind becoming chillier, we settled into walking only at Lana's house.  They have an extensive home site on their farm, with roadways and paths around the various buildings and wooded areas.  It is quite sheltered, with several options for walking different directions, depending upon the wind.  We meet at 8:00 am and try to go for at least an hour.  Our rough estimate is that the primary route we go is about 1/4 mile long, and we usually walk 7 or 8 circuits.

Since Christmas time, we've have to finally resort to our indoor equipment.  When the temps sunk to 15-20 below with wind chills of 35-40 below, we surrendered.  But what a blessing that we had such a long and mild fall! 

We were able to walk outside again yesterday.  It was a bit breezy, but we chose a route that mostly avoided the southerly wind.  There was one section we had to pull our hoods a little tighter, but there was another section we all took off mittens or hoods, and talked about how warm it was.

I am glad we have the option of the indoor equipment.  And it's nice to have a change to work some different muscle groups.

But the fresh winter air just can't be beat!

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