Friday, January 13, 2012

Outgrowing our Mudroom

Yes, I know, I know, nobody ever feels like they have a big enough mudroom.  And we are fortunate and thankful to have one at all.  We even have a 1/2 bath right off it.  I really can't complain.

But today's despond is a little different than the desire for more space.  I mean the kids are getting too big for the mudroom.

When we moved in, Darrow L. immediately built us three rows of hooks.  Nice brass ones, with a prettily stained wood rail behind, and a nice shelf above the highest row.

One row on one wall, at a medium height.  Two rows on the other wall, with hooks for short and tall users.

Ten years ago when we moved in, our oldest kids were 5, 7 and 8.  Jeremy, Matt, and Louisa used the eight middle-sized hooks.  The three younger ones used the six short hooks.  Joe and I had the five tall hooks for our stuff.  

Over the years, we've had to limit everyone to two hooks a piece.  One for jackets and sweatshirts, and the other for a winter coat and snowsuit.  Right now, we have just the right number of hooks.  Well pretty much.  Joe and I, and Matt and Louisa, are all sharing the five tall hooks.  But that's OK.  We're allegedly all old enough to pick up after ourselves, and if we have extra coats or jackets, to hang them appropriately in our bedroom closets.  It mostly works OK.

But the problem I noticed today is with the short hooks.  This year, Stella's snowpants are too long for the short hooks!  Oh, no! 

How sad!  In just a few short years, I will have no more little ones.  There will be nobody with short enough snowpants to use the row of short hooks. 

I know it's silly.  But I can't help wanting to break down and shed a few sentimental tears.

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