Monday, May 7, 2012

22 Day Check-In

Day 22 of theMom's 28 day challenge.  I don't have much to report.  Getting no big things done, but continuing to baby step with little improvements in energy and attitude.

I had a very busy week last week, with various appointments and obligations for kids.  That took up hoards of time, and disrupted the home life schedule, which then does two things.  It makes it harder to get the basics done, but it also zaps my energy.  The disruption, that is, wears me out.  So I consider it a great accomplishment that I kept up with the basics and even showed some improvements.  I'm happy to have gotten through the week without "Ricky's mom blowing up".    That in itself is a feat. 

Not to mention the fact that we've been out of our B-complex vitamins of which I generally take 2 each day for sanity, increased energy, clarity of thought, and emotional stability.    Joe calls it my Vitamin Behave

I was supported throughout the week by actual and virtual* conversation with friends far and near, and that my friends, is a gift from God.  Don't ever doubt it or take it for granted.

I took a couple of extra walks this week, besides the regularly scheduled Monday, Wednesday, Friday ones with my neighbors.   Yesterday evening, I even jogged 1 mile of a three mile walk

Oh, and I lost another 2 1/2 pounds.  Yippee!

*  Does anyone else find it strange that these days "virtual" means exactly the opposite of virtual?

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