Monday, May 14, 2012

28 Day challenge summary

I am done with my 28 day challenge.   I removed my ticker for counting down the days, and left the weight loss one up.  It is still serving its purpose.

In summary, I lost five pounds instead of the eleven for which I had set my goal.  It's a little disappointing.  But I'm still happy about those five.  Very, very happy.

I didn't accomplish any of my big goals.  Not a one.  But I am feeling better all the time and have more energy.  Most days are a little bit better than the one before.  The daily view is baby steps.  But when I look back at each week of my challenge, each one is substantially better than the one before. 

Although I didn't finish any outside chores, I did so some work out there, so I guess that is at least part of one of my big goals that I got done.

I hope to continue my mental and emotional improvement, and maybe in a few weeks, I'll set another set of goals.  I'm busy right now with a confirmation celebration to prepare for my Elsie this coming weekend, and several graduation celebrations to attend in the coming weeks.  The kids will be done with school soon.  So there will be lots of busyness and transition.  That particular combination, for me, is kind of a recipe for disaster.   

So no big goals right now.   Stability will be enough to handle.

I will continue the Monday morning weigh-ins with my walking buddies, so I will keep that ticker active to keep me accountable.

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