Tuesday, May 15, 2012

City Scapes

Joe's parents, along with his Aunt Laurie and Uncle Frank, are currently enjoying a travel adventure with the ECHO charter school students, and friends of the school.  The school does a big trip every year in May, to one of four regions of the US, in a four year cycle.  This year they travel to Gettysburg, Philadelphia, and New York City.  They also stopped in the Pennsylvania countryside near Shanksville, PA, to see the memorial to United Airlines Flight 93.  When Jeremy attended ECHO as a ninth grader, they went on a similar trip, but instead of the Pennsylvania locations, the year he was along they toured the Boston area.

Dave Ose, a family friend, and a native of the area where Joe grew up, is along on the trip.  He has been posting frequent updates and pictures to facebook.  It's been fun to read the updates and see all the things they are busy with each day.

Today Dave posted a picture that turned out very cool.  It reminded me of a couple of famous paintings. 

Here is Dave's photo, which he titled, Umbrella Day in New York.

Umbrella Day in New York  Dave Ose
My first thought was of a painting by Gustave Caillebotte.  The obvious connection here is the pedestrians with umbrellas, along with the muted tones of the city scenery.

Paris Street, Rainy Day  Gustave Caillebotte
But my second thought was that Dave's pictures had some vivid contrast in light and dark, that reminded me of Edward Hopper.

New York Office  Edward Hopper

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