Saturday, May 5, 2012

Turning into a Busy Day

I like to laze around a little on Saturday mornings.  The bigger kids don't have to rush off to school; and because of the quieter morning, the little ones sleep later, too.  But somehow, each week, the lazing around time passes all too quickly.  Soon, I find myself still sitting around, still being lazy, but with the Saturday chore list built up around me in a somewhat intimidating fashion.

Today I began my day with a nice warm cup of coffee and reading Article VIII of the Smalcald Articles, in study for a discussion I'm in the midst of on God's workings in our daily lives.  I hope to post about that eventually, once I get everything sorted out in my mind.  I also had a couple of internet conversations on the above topic first thing this morning. 

Later, just as I was about to get up and rolling, I was treated to a brief phone call, suggesting a skype conversation with one of my very bestest of friends.  This friend is fairly new to e-mail stuff and so even our frequent e-mail exchanges of late feel like a great gift.  But now we have conquered the skype thing.  This was our first time.  It was awesome!  Totally!  So wonderful to see her smiling face.

After that I sat down here to formulate some tentative plans for my day, but then one of my daughters came and sat down next to me, and we got distracted with a little bit of what my teens call facebook creeping.  This cultural phenomenon consists of doing a facebook search for someone you want to know more about, or show pictures of to another person, etc.  It feels a little bit like stalking, but I suppose it's no different than looking at pictures in a high school year book and sharing them with a friend.

When Elsie and I were finished with our "quality time" I realized that, once again, I am behind already this Saturday.  So what do I do?  I sit down and spend more time at the computer composing this blog post.

Today I hope to
  • get three meals on the table
  • catch up on all the various bits and pieces and piles of dirty dishes that are sitting around my kitchen
  • finish Matt's preliminary Marine Corps paperwork (the part where they ask all the details of every person in our lives, to give to the FBI, so they can determine whether or not Matt or anyone in his circle of people is a threat to national security
  • get Elsie's confirmation invitations in the mail
  • orchestrate Saturday chores for everyone
  • fold some laundry
  • get three more laundry loads run through
  • get all the little ones through the Saturday bath cycle
  • take a walk or exercise in some way
That's the plan, Stan.  Wish me well.

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