Monday, July 16, 2012

A Few Steps Back Day

I was tired and crabby most of the day today. 

Got up first thing and switched a wash load.  Felt energetic and optimistic.

Went walking with my ladies.  Had caramel rolls at Lana's in honor of Connie's birthday yesterday.  Happy Birthday, Connie!  You ladies brighten my life.

Then I came home and my energy left me.  I had a little altercation with one of my kids and that's all it took.  I had to go back to bed for awhile.  I was mad at myself for feeling so sleepy.  Then after lunch I had to take another nap.  Grrrr.  Frustrating!

But then when I woke up for the third time, I finally felt normal.  I went out and weeded in my garden.  I sat for a time on one of our garden benches, enjoying my yard.  I had a new perspective on the day.  I realized that I had a very busy week last week.  I had a busy weekend.  I was on the road yesterday evening taking the kids and Joe to Bible camp, so I missed my vitamins with supper. 

I was tired.  I was B-complex deprived.  That's all.  Just tired.  Just missed vitamins. 

It's OK, Mary.

Now I have an adult beverage in the freezer cooling off and frozen pizzas to throw in the oven for supper.  And best of all, foam plates from which to eat!  Hurray!

Tomorrow is another day!

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