Monday, July 23, 2012

This is One of the Reasons I Love my Husband

I've got a really good geeky husband story.

Joe and I ran into Thief River Falls this evening after the kids were in bed to deposit his paycheck, so we didn't have to rush to town on a Monday morning.  As we're driving down 3rd street, which is the main drag of Thief River, the city lights were sparkling prettily, with parallel rows of streetlights framing the sides of the view.  There was a little slip of moon in the western sky, just a thin white fingernail, hanging lazily above the city lights.

Joe commented on the loveliness of the view.  That was his artistic side showing itself.

But a few moments later, his geek side kicked in.  He said, "Now, Mary, you see that moon, how it's sitting in the sky, right?  Mostly straight west.  Now imagine it's winter.  It might at most be at north-northwest in the winter, but probably closer to northwest, right?"

"OK. Mm-hm."  That's what I said.  What I was thinking was, "Yeah.  Whatever.  I get the impression you're going somewhere with this, right?"

Then Joe continued, "So now think of where the depot is, and where that moon would be compared to the depot, on a snowy winter night."

"OK. Mm-hm."  And then more of my same thoughts followed.  You know what I'm saying.  Smile and nod, right?

"So, it's just like I thought, "  Joe continued.  "In that picture in Dr. Mickelson's office that hangs above the chairs in the waiting room, the moon is oriented wrong.  It's hanging above the depot in that picture.  It wouldn't ever be that size, at that time of year, at that part of the sky."

And Mary thought, "Really?  REALLY?  You notice stuff like THAT?"

What I really said was, "Hahahahahahaha.  You are so weird.  That's a perfect example of your strange thought processes.  Hahahahaha."

Did I mentioned that I love my husband to pieces and I wouldn't want him any other way?  Don't ever change, Joe. Don't ever lose your geekiness."

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