Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ask a man to clean, ...

I love fried foods.  LOVE.  But I hate the greasy mess, and so I rarely fry anything.  Joe, however, loves to make fried things.  Deep fried anything.  Fried rice.  Pretty much fried anything. 

I don't complain.  Really, I don't.  I love it. 

But as I was scrubbing the greasy walls and stove today, I asked him if he'd mind doing under the stove hood.  I took off the filter and soaked it in some Watkins Degreaser.   And he said he'd do the rest. 

I hate doing it because of the crazy angle one needs to stand/stoop/bend to use elbow grease to clean the frying grease. 

Joe solved it his own way. 

I did offer to flip the circuit breaker when I saw him unscrewing the little wire connector cover things.  I want to keep him around awhile longer. 

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