Friday, May 16, 2014

Ready Set Summer BL challenge, start date

There's still time and room to join the fb Biggest Loser Group, Ready Set Summer.  This is an eight week contest with small monetary prizes each week and a bigger one at the end.  It's a group of regular supportive people to vent to or rejoice with. 

Just one week off, between the spring contest and the summer contests, and I gained back two of the pounds I lost.  Is there a way to write in words that sound Charlie Brown makes when Lucy pulls the football away?  That's how I feel. 

But it's a new contest.  I have a new eight week challenge.   And a busy couple of weeks planned around here that should keep my mind off food and my body moving. 

I made a new exercise ticker.  With even more minutes than the last.  But I think I did the math right this time and I am in the exercise habit these days.  And the weather is much nicer than it was in March which makes it easier to be out and about. 

So, ... here's to moving that ticker.  And in case anyone is wondering, that little bug crawling across the vegies is a regular lady bug, NOT and Asian Beetle. 

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