Friday, May 9, 2014

Endings and Beginnings: BL challenge

Today I finished my first Biggest Loser Challenge. 

Tally stands at 1150 minutes exercised and 3. 8 lbs lost. 

Not great, poundage wise, but at least I'm moving and my general attitude and energy level is improved.  I'm eating less compulsively.  My portion sizes and food choices are pretty  much back under control. 

Except that almost entire bag of Salt and Vinegar kettle chips and bottle of coke I had on the way home from taking Elsie to work yesterday.

Next week Friday starts the next challenge.  I'm going to keep the same weight chart, because I like it.  I'm even going to keep the same weight loss goal.

I'm going be making a new exercise minutes ticker.  I really don't know what I was thinking with the 1500 minute goal last time.  I thought I had done four days a week at 60 minutes a day for eight weeks.  And I suspected that was too optimistic.  But, when I do the calculations, ... 4x60x8=1920.  So I'm really  not sure where I got that 1500 figure.  Maybe I didn't do my tickers right away the first week.  I'd have to go back and read my old blog posts.  I remember I wasn't quite ready to start at the "start date" so maybe that's where the discrepancy lies.  Either way, turns out the figure was indeed optimistic.  After I figured last Thursday that I needed to exercise 60 minutes for eight days in a row, ... I kind of gave up.  I know.  That's bad of me.  But so it is.

So, this next challenge, called the Ready, Set, Summer BL Challenge starts next Friday.  It is an open group on facebook until it starts.  Take a look at it.  It's always fun to have a buddy.  Someone to compare notes, rejoice in successes, and to sigh and give ((virtual hugs)) during the bad days, or weeks. 

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