Thursday, May 1, 2014

Too many minutes, too little time!

I like that title.  Makes very little sense, but it fits. 

I rejoiced today to see that I'd passed the one third of the way done mark on my exercise minutes ticker.  But alas!  I then realized that it was already May.  My goal was to have been met by next Friday.  That means I have eight days to exercise 480 minutes.  That's, ... let's see, ... well, ... eight days of sixty minutes a day, or six days or eighty minutes a day.

I have been pretty good to do my "usual" three days a week of sixty minute per day.  My original goal was for four days a week at sixty minutes each.  But since I hadn't even been about doing my "usual" three days a week for many months, even that "usual" was hard at first.  By about halfway through the goal, my necessary daily average had gone up to five days a week at sixty minutes a day.

Still manageable, but tougher.  I've managed a couple of weeks with five days, but not always a full hour each time.  I've done a couple of weeks of four day weeks, being very diligent to get in my minutes.  But now here we are, a week before the deadline, and many minutes left to go.

Hence, "Too many minutes, too little time."

If you notice the other goal app I have on my blog, the chart that is supposed to be showing my weight loss, that one is not going too well, either.  And it's really not nearly as fun a title were I to have written, "Too many pounds, too little time." 

I weight in tomorrow morning, and I'll have a new coordinate on the chart.  Hopefully I move it down a little bit.  And then just one more week of the Spring Biggest Loser Challenge.  As much as the "minutes of exercise" I need to do for that ticker seems unlikely, I'm thinking that the weight goal is pretty much not going to happen.

But the bigger goal is better health and better habits.  And simply getting up and moving again.  Having something tangible on which to focus, to help boost me out of the slump of depression into which I was gradually sliding.

And all those things are moving in the right direction. 

Some of the members of the Spring BL Challenge are asking about interest in starting a summer one.  I may just do that.  So far I've not won any weekly prizes and it's pretty doubtful I'll win anything at all.  But it was fun.  Fun to get to know some new people who are all working toward a common goal.  Fun to have my own quantified goals, and others to share them with. 

We'll see. 

We'll also see how tomorrow goes on the scale.

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