Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to my birthday twins and their Grandpa Hinderer

Inge and Clara



December 27. A special day for us. Two birthdays in one day. My beautiful Clara turns 15 today. And my beautiful Inge turns 6. 

And as an added bonus, my dad was also born on December 27.   Clara and Inge didn't ever know their Grandpa Hinderer, and truth be told, I hardly knew him either. God called him home at the young age of 45.  But it's fun that they share his birthday.  It gives us an extra reason to think of him and talk about the Grandparents Hinderer.

Donna Leah Follin Hinderer b.Aug. 20, 1927 d. Jul. 13, 1973 
Alfred John Hinderer b.  Dec. 27, 1927 d. Jan. 7, 1973 

We had a quiet-ish birthday day today, with only half of us here at home.   Donna helped me make cream of wheat for breakfast, which is quite a treat, since we don't often have wheat products around.  A neighbor dropped off a box for us awhile back.  We use about 2/3 of a box in a sitting, so the rest of the box was sitting with only about half of our usual sized meal left.  It made a perfect treat for a day when there were only half of us home.

We prayed our special birthday prayers at breakfast, thanking God for our girls and asking His blessing on them the coming year.  And asking Him to grant us many more years with them.

We are all still kind of in recovery mode from Christmas rush and illness, so we lazed around most of the day.  I had placed an order for some Bible story books for some members before Christmas and needed a few more dollars to get the free shipping.  So I added a very discounted Liberty Kids DVD to the order.  I pulled that out today and let the kids sit just about all day watching it.

In the afternoon, I made two cheesecakes at Inge's request.  Clara wanted to make her own cake, but Sophie also wanted to make her something.  So they ended up both doing it.  Clara made some sort of confection atop a flour tortilla.  Inge and Sophie made pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes.

For the dinner I made some gluten free penne pasta with tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms, in a cream sauce.  Very tasty, if I do say so myself.  And Inge's cheesecake was the perfect accoutrement.  I'm sure the other desserts were tasty, too, but I'm a cheesecake kind of gal.  I think I could probably live on cheesecake. 

A new baby doll

"I spy with my one little eye"

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