Saturday, December 27, 2014

John's bedtime reading

Although I no longer officially teach most of my kids at home, I do keep some of my favorite children's books on a shelf in our main hallway in the hopes curious or bored little person will pick up something and learn.  After watching the Liberty Kids DVDs all day today, John did just that.  

 Cornerstones of Freedom
  • The Story of the Constitution
  • The Story of the Declaration of Independence
  • Mt. Vernon
  • The Story of The Thirteen Colonies
  • Valley Forge

America's Frontiers
If you grew up with George Washington
If you lived in the time of the American Revolution
A History of Us: From Colonies to Country

The Golden Book History of the United States: The Age of Revolution
Benjamin Franklin, a Photo Illustrated Biography
The Story of Benjamin Franklin, Amazing American  
A discovery book: Benjamin Franklin

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