Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And Yet, More Words

I'm reading Nearer, My God by William F. Buckley, Jr. As expected, Buckley is a source of new words.

Nexus. I know there used to be, and perhaps still is, a research tool called nexus/lexus, for searching for news items. I know there used to be a salon shampoo company called Nexus. What I don't know is exactly what it means. I have this vague impression that it means something like an apex. Not apex in the sense of climax, but more apex as the point upon which an argument hinges.

Let's see how I did. From Answers.com (although I checked several and they all were very nearly word for word)
  1. A means of connection; a link or tie: “this nexus between New York's . . . real-estate investors and its . . . politicians” (Wall Street Journal).
  2. A connected series or group.
  3. The core or center: “The real nexus of the money culture [was] Wall Street” (Bill Barol).
I guess I didn't really have it. Shows where a mere contextual definition can get a person.

Granitic This one was difficult for me until I typed it out myself. It had been hyphenated at the end of a line, making it less easily recognized. Although I've never seen this word, I'm going to assume it is an adjectival form of granite. Therefor describing something that is firmly set in stone. Unmovable

Let's see.

I can't find granitic on its own. But several sources have it as an adjective of granite. Besides the rock itself, most list the second definition of granite: 2. Unyielding endurance; steadfastness.

I didn't do too badly there.

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