Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Blog

Please note the list of books at right. That was really all I wanted. A list of what I'm currently reading and have read recently to show up on my blog.

I played with various gadgets and widgets and blidgets... Then Joe once again rescued me. In order to show this list, I had to start a whole new blog. Aha! Then I added a gadget that blogger calls a list. Hmm. This allows me to I show a list of recent posts I've made on one blog, on another blog. I've seen other blogs that do this and never gave a thought to how they accomplished such a feat. Now I know.

If you want to see more info about any of the books listed, please follow the links. I will try to keep it updated. I don't want to spend tons of time on it, so I'm limiting my entry to title, author, thumbs up or down. I'll include a brief review if I have time.

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