Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Folk Song for Joe

In response to Joe's post:

I thought about the Jerry Lee Lewis version for Dave S., but you just can't beat the Americana in this one.

Can anyone tell Joe was here when I did this post? Note the video embedded in the post and not just the link.


A Stafford said...

Happy Anniversary!

You'll be happy to know that I sing that song all the time and Shawn makes fun of me. I used to love catching them in creeks as a kid- but never ate them-I don't think my mom would have appreciated preparing them. There's something about "You get a line, I'll get a pole" that makes me happy. And Minnie Pearl singing seems to make me even happier! J/K

I'm assuming that you'll spend your anniversary riding around in a bicycle built for two as your ticker alludes--hey, there's another song for you!

theMom said...

Thanks, Amy. I find that song quite catchy, also.

And, uh, no, we probably will forgo the tandem bike thing for today. Perhaps if we ever get a honeymoon we can rent one, wherever it is we end up.

We keep thinking of places we'd like to go, but we never really decide. That (the indecision) is, of course, the primary reason we have never honeymooned. It's really not the money.

A Stafford said...

We had our honeymoon the week of our 2nd anniversary. We selected our location by agreeing to go to the cheapest place we could fly to as of the day we booked our tickets, which ended up being Dallas. We found that a fun way to decide- there is history and beauty and hotels pretty much anywhere.

Good thing you didn't do the biking, as you would have likely blown off the road.

theMom said...

I think I remember you saying that once. That's such a great idea. Perhaps we will have opportunity to try is sometime.

And yes, re the wind, the church's basketball hoop blew down yesterday. About 5" steel pipe. Broke at about a foot above ground. Probably it was a bit rusty, but was some kind of wind.