Monday, April 30, 2012

28 Day Challenge: Half Way Done

Today marks the beginning of the second half of my 28 Day Challenge.  I am happy to report that I have lost two pounds!  Hurray! 

I have yet to get going on the ambition part of my goal, but I think I made progress last week. 

If I think of this challenge as moving a big rock, I had hoped to get the rock rolling the first week, and accomplish big things.  That did not happen. 

If  I keep the rock analogy in my head, though, and remember that sometimes a rock is so immovable that even just getting it rolling takes time and work, it makes more sense and helps me to be patient with myself. 

That's the kind of rock I am right now.  Big and firmly impacted.  The first week I had to loosen the rock.  This rock was really stuck and I had to push, and let it roll back; them push and let it roll back again, several times.  Looking back at the second week, I think I can say that the ball is finally moving.  Slowly, but moving forward.  I will try to increase the rate of roll a bit this week again.  I have many plans.  I must still try to be reasonable in my goals, though, and remember that the rock is still very heavy and still moving slowly.  

Keeping the rock moving is the important thing at this point, not the speed with which it rolls.

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