Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun blogger interchange

I received a comment the other day related to the yeast bread recipe I posted recently.  It was from Marge, who wrote,


Just wanted to let you know that I have been making and enjoying the GF bread recipe you posted a couple of weeks ago. Love the simplicity of it. Thanks.

God bless.....
I love getting comments on my blog; they let me know that somebody out there is reading it.  But I also like to hear that others can make use of something I've written.

I wasn't sure who Marge was.  I know a few Marges, but I didn't know whether any of them read my blog; nor did I know that any of them would be likely to use a gluten free bread recipe.

So I did a little bit of creeping, as my teenaged kids call it.  I clicked the username and traced Marge back to the Road Sage blog.  Marge keeps a very pretty blog with lots of photos, which makes me kind of jealous, since I am inept with any kind of photography.  It's just a friendly sort of blog with little items of daily interest.  It makes me happy to read it.  What a nice addition to my blog list!

But even more fun than the discovery of Road Sage, is the discovery that I kind of know Marge a little bit.  There are many connections, all the way back to my high school days when I had schoolmates who I believe to be nieces and nephews of Marge's husband, Ernie; on to Joe seminary and working at BLC years when Marge and her husband were both employed at Bethany.  (We used to walk past their house sometimes; they had the nicest Linden in their front yard.)  And on to our location here which is kind of home country for Ernie. 

So now Marge and I have exchanged e-mails. I hope to know you better, Marge, through reading Road Sage.  I am glad the bread is working out for you.  (Since I posted that, I've even made up a few pre-mixes, just throwing all the dry ingredients into a container; and saving the liquid to mix in at the end.  Turned out just fine, too.) 

And I thank you for the encouragement your comment gave.

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