Saturday, April 21, 2012


I found this post in my blogger dashboard that I thought I had posted on Thursday.  It's old news.  But since I planned to keep my readers abreast of my 28-day challenge failures and successes, I'm goingn to post it anyway, as is.
So, I really need to get up and get to my chores.  I did a little blogging ( didn't finish anything, though, yet) and a little writing on some other writing projects I have going.  I got my kids breakfast and the school kids off for the day.  I corresponded with some school people about a variety of things.  Fielded phone calls from three of the kids who needed to check in with me for a variety of reasons.  I have to attend a school program for the youngest two this afternoon, rush home to get supper and then rush off again to Louisa's play in Oklee, and again miss Ladies' Aid because of school related stuff.  But it's my own fault really.  I knew there was Ladies' Aid this week and yet when I had to choose between the three nights the play was scheduled, I chose Thursday, forgetting until it was too late that I had a conflict.  So I have this guilt hanging over me that I am choosing school stuff over church stuff.  And it's casting a cloud upon my day.

In the interest of motivating me to get up and rolling on all these home things I have every hope and intention of doing and are so far batting a big zero today...I am confessing to you, my readers, my struggle de jour.  If it's public, than I have to fix it, right?
And by the way, I am not going to spend my usual twenty minutes to half hour proof reading this over and over.  So, if there are typos, I apologize in advance.

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