Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rocking the Headache

This stupid headache just will not leave me!  I've heard of others who have chronic headache, so I oughtn't complain. I mean, there are some people who get even migraine level headaches and they don't leave for years.  So really, I have no business complaining.

But this is starting to tick me off.  We're on the forth day now with this stupid thing.  I even went to the chiropractor yesterday afternoon, he got everything to move well, I felt relief for a few hours and then it was right back again.  I can feel the tightness up in the back right side of my neck.  Right at thte very top.  And the headache pain is in the right side of my face and head.  When I push on the back of my neck, I can feel it in my face.  Depending upon where and how I push, it tingles, just plain hurts, or feels like it's going to explode.  We're on day four of nearly constant acetaminophen and ibuprofen. 

But I had a nice walk in the glorious sunshine and now I feel like moving.  So, I'm going to load up on the pain killers and try to ignore the nagging part of it that never quite goes away.

And I know this is a horribly boring thing to do, but...I have to. 

Today's list:
power nap
teeth and hair
collect jars for basement
wash load
plan lunch
plan supper
azure standard order
lunch in
wash load
start sorting basement mess
wash load
basement mess

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