Monday, April 23, 2012

Beautiful Monday

I feel like I'm back in the saddle again today.  My brain is clear, my emotions are (arguably) more stable, and I have a fresh outlook on life.  I had an extraordinarily busy Sunday and will have a busy Monday, too, but I wanted to check in. 

Re eating, it's been sketchy. I'll explain more later when I have time to write, but it has to do with the busyness of the last few days and two of my three meals yesterday being church dinners.  But I've been trying to load up on the lettuce salads.  But I still take the desserts, too.  And oh, the garlic bread at Immanuel in Audubon last night was just too tempting and I really had too many slices.  But cut me some slack, OK, I never get bread.

I currently have three bags of dinner rolls form the various church related dinners sitting on my counter and half of a cake form Saturday's baptism, too.  But those don't tempt me terribly.  I think I'll be OK with them.  Probably, what looks like a Snickers salad Joe brought home from the baptism Saturday will be a sore temptation.  I think there is also potato salad and pasta salad which will only be a problem if my kids get finicky and won't eat them.  Then I will feel as though I have to, out of gratitude to those who so generously share with us. 

I am planning on spending the day with all the circuit pastors and their families.  The pastors have a monthly meeting they call Winkel.  They will meet for business, learning and moral support.  We ladies will meet for fun.  There will be a church service.  One of the other circuit families homeschools, so I always feel a little bit sad on Winkel days, since our older girls used to always get to come along and see their buddies that one day a month.  But now our girls are in school and so there is not the same camaraderie.

I don't have time to proofread this again, so I sincerely hope it is legible and understandable.  I really am a horrible typist.

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