Sunday, April 20, 2014

A little Easter afternoon Linux tutorial

The tired pastor
When I was really little, my dad watched HeeHaw on Saturday nights.  He'd always fall asleep in his chair.  But the minute we tried to change the channel, he'd walk up and chide us to leave his show alone.  "Hey, I'm watching that."

The big girls are off to work, the littles are out enjoying the sun and warmth of the outdoors.  Matt is busy with something of his own.  And I'm sitting here dinking around on the computer. 

But Joe, ... the tired out pastor whose Lenten and Easter rush is done, sacked out on the couch, snoring loudly.  But before he fell asleep, he put some computer Linux Unix user tutorial show on the TV. 

For you computer geeks.

And another view, complete with the little instructor in the corner of the screen.
I'm not really learning much while I sit here.  But even if I knew how, I wouldn't dare change the channel.  I'm imagining Joe waking up and chiding,  "Hey, I'm watching that."

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