Sunday, April 20, 2014

Egg Hunt Two

Clara and Sophie figured Joe and I needed an egg hunt, too. So they filled a few of the unmatched egg parts with candies and hid them for us.

Their instructions, "There are eight eggs. They are in the front yard. There is one obvious one and the others are all within 12 feet of that one. You have one minute to find them or we get the candy."

We found the first one in the sandbox. We found a second one near the sandbox. But search as we could, we didn't find any others in the designated area.

"Well, maybe we meant yards. We were just estimating anyway."

"So, we should enlarge our search area?"

"Yeah, they're pretty much all over the yard."

We did eventually find them. I used my Mommy finding skills to get the first four, and then let Joe find the rest.

It was a very sweet gesture and a fun idea. One more thing to make our Easter celebration special.

Joe searches the sandbox for more eggs

"Did you climb the poplar and hang a bag with the rest of them up there somewhere."  Nope, but I did find one of last summer's pruned maple branches hanging up there.

Looking around the yard

Everyone helping Dad

"Do you want a clue, Dad?"

This is the view of the last tricky one from an adult standing position

This is the view from a squatting child

"Look closer, Dad. You're getting almost hot."

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