Sunday, April 20, 2014

Egg Hunt One

After Joe rested this afternoon, and after we had listened to the kids beg for a suitable amount of time, we planted them in front of Myth Busters so that Joe and I could go out to hide the eggs.

Since we've always had such a range of ages, we started long ago to hide the eggs at differing levels of difficulty for each child. They all get one color of egg for which to search. This year, because so many of our eggs have broken over the years, we had to break out some of the fancier ones Joe's mom had gotten for us several years back.

We also had the rare treat this year of a beautiful day and a mostly dry yard. So we got to have the Easter egg hunt outside. In all the years we've been here, we've probably only done that once or twice before.

Sorting the colors for the big hide

That tricky Daddy

Where is Mama going to hide them?

And they're off.  Scattered abroad.

Aha!  Inge spies something.

Stella and Donna scurry back and forth.

"I found one of mine in the snow pile!"

Even Matt had to search awhile to find his.  See the orange one hanging in the oak tree?

Sophie and Stella are flummoxed.

"Let's check over there again."

John is looking for his green one.  You can't see it in the photo, but the he's actually on the far side of the snow pile and the egg is on the near side.  Makes a great photo, though.

Did you find them all now, John?

Look, Mama!  I found all mine!


Searching the snow pile one more time

The first ones finished

A few more join the feast

Sophie had a couple that stymied her

And Clara finds one more.

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