Friday, April 4, 2014

Yay, Me!

Was it London Tipton on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody who used to say that? 

Well, I'm going to say it, too, today.  I lost four pounds this week.  I was really, really hesitant to step on the scale this week, after two weeks of gaining.  Plus, well, that bag of Terra Chips that I ate almost by myself yesterday at lunch, ... Oh, my I love those!  This one was the Mediterranean flavor.  But I love them all. 

Anyway, I was very, very relieved to see the scale showing a lost instead of a further gain. 

And I'm feeling a little more ambitious about my exercise, too, these days.  That little minute ticker, ... yes, I know, I've said it before, ... but I love those things.  Such a dumb little thing to get me motivated.  But I like to see my little marker move past the tally marks each day. 

Today I even ran for a few minutes.  I've been trying to set the tread mill a little faster, so I did a five minute warm-up at 3 mph, and then walked five minutes at 3.5 mph.  Then I bumped it up to 4 mph for a two minute run, and then back down to 3.5 mph for 3 minutes, then another 2 min run at 4.0.  I finished up the last 3 minutes at 3.5, for a total of 20 minutes.  Then I did some work on the Gazelle and CardioGlide, and then back to the treadmill. 

It felt good to actually work up a sweat.  I remember several years ago when I really had my heart into my workout.  I'd work my hardest and be sweating the entire time.  Now we ladies do a slower pace, and visit more, maybe.  Which is also good and necessary.  But I realized that I have to put more effort into my workouts. 

Yay, me!

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