Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Donna's Hopscotch

Last night was a relatively warm evening.  After supper was done, before I could re-focus everyone on evening chores and bedtime routines, several of them sneaked outside to play in the warmer than usual and so sticky and shape-able snow.

Donna didn't go outside with the others.  Donna built a hopscotch in our living room.  Donna learned how to play hopscotch at school recently, and was eager to teach us all how to play.  When I called the others in for the evening tasks, Donna asked, "Are you calling everyone in to play hopscotch?"

Oh, man, what could I say to that?  Suffice it to say we had an extra 1/2 hour or so of family play time.  It was well worth the later bedtime for all the fun we had trying to hop along the squishy, slide-y pillows Donna had used for squares. 

This is the hopscotch that Donna built.
Note the papers off to the sides.  Thankfully she numbered the squares this way, rather than with permanent marker.  Each square had a number and an arrow.  Each was arranged so it pointed to the corresponding pillow.

Dad takes a try.

Stella levitating.

Later she took flight.
I love those two pictures of Stella.  We had a bunch more photos that I've posted, but most were blurry.  I'm not really a very good photographer.

This is  Donna trying out her game.

And she got back to the start.

This one of Inge planning her route is a little blurry.  But I love how it shows the other kids all engaged.

Stella reaching over to put John's "rock" back.
Donna set us up as three separate teams.  Sophie, John, and Stella used the blue lid you see in this picture, lying to the side of the pillows, as their rock.  Daddy, Donna, and Clara used a coaster.  And Inge and I used a pink eraser.  These rocks did not stay put on the rounded pillows, so new rules evolved as we went along.  Where ever the rock first hit, whether it was one, two, or three pillows, those were the squares that needed to be skipped. 

Hence the illusion above that Stella was taking flight.  She was really just trying to miss the next three pillows.

And John ends with a bang.

Daddy getting ready to toss his coaster.  Oh, I mean, rock.

Is Daddy trying to imitate Stella in her levitation?

And now Donna appears to be imitating Daddy.
And this is Joe's video.  I don't know how to take videos.  He does.  Sadly.  You get to see theMom in all her glory.

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