Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Old Gray Mar, she ain't what she used to be.

I was slapped in the face the other day with the realization that I am getting old.  I'm like middle aged!  Crazy, right?  This realization makes a kind of a funny story, so I'm going to share the whole silly shebang.

As I was clicking through the photos Joe posted of our recent trip to Washington for my dad's funeral, I saw this picture. 

It's a picture of my cousin, Paul Hinderer, and my Stella sitting on some older woman's lap. 

I remembered that conversation.  I was sitting just off the picture further to the right.  I could not for the life of me remember who we had been visiting with.  That older woman?  Who is she?  Who was it that we'd have known well enough that Stella would climb up in her lap?

Finally a different day entirely, I was clicking through the pictures again.  Found this same shot and again, went through all the people we visited with and who was sitting where, and WHO in the WORLD is that lady?!?!

Suddenly I noticed the sweater and realized it was me!

Crazy, ... I don't really have that saggy cheek do I?  Those lines around my mouth?  I'm not that old, am I? 

But yes, I am.  I will be 47 in June.  I'm middle aged. 

I do still have a few vanities, however ... I'm still the old brunette Mar, although the silvery streaks are there in and with the brunette.   I maybe ain't what I used to be, but at least I get to wait a little longer to be the Old Gray Mar.

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