Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Cleaning 2014

Sometimes I'm organized with my own chores. 

Sometimes I'm organized with my kids' chores.

Sometimes I'm not organized at all.

Sometimes I can't think past each afternoon.

This winter has been one of those times.

I knew, for instnce, in the back of my mind, that in the last month or so,I had two soup suppers for Lent, a baptism church dinner to which I had to bring a GF dessert, and cole slaw to mix up for the electrical co-op annual dinner.  Of those things I've mostly kept the plates spinning, except for the cole slaw which I forgot to mix up and the ladies down at church had to do it for me at the last minute.  Thanks to whoever had to do the extra work.  And my apologies.

I also know in the back of my mind that I have one more soup supper to do; prom coming up, for which Louisa and Elsie have asked me to host the group of friends for lunch and pictures before they go into Oklee.  Within one week in May, I have Clara's confirmation, winkel at Oak Park, and Louisa's graduation. 

The parish board is getting us new carpeting in the living room sometimes soon, so will have the ensuing busyness with that.  And Lana has offered to help with some more painting this spring, if we can work it in. 

I know these things are coming, but when I am at a point at which I can barely handle meals and laundry for the family, ... the extra things get squeezed to the back of my brain.  I know they are there.  And I try to throw everything together at the last minute to accomplish such things.  But I don't always make it.

Today, I took some time to get my head on straight for the coming busyness.  I wrote down all the extra and bigger cleaning type things I want the kids and I to work on in the next several weeks, along with some of the regular-keeping-up-with type things that sometimes get set aside when I'm in one of my low energy states that leave us all flying by the seats of our pants.

For the sake of accountability, I'm going to post it here.

Looks kind of funny squished out long and thin, but it gets the point across.  The kids will be asked to initial those things they accomplish. 

Mudroom bathroom
Main bathroom
Dining room
Living room
pick up
pick up

Pick up, sweep, mop
Pick up, sweep, mop
Pick up, vacuum
Wipe outside bottom cupboards
Clean and dust inside glass cupboard
Wash counter
Wash counter
Wipe outside top cupboards
Wash walls, and hallway walls, front door
Wash toilet

Wash toilet
Clean inside lazy Susan
Scrub walls
Wash windows
Wash walls

Wash shower
Straighten coffee cup and water bottle cupboard
Wipe map
Fix wall behind wooden couch

Wash and arrange inside silverware drawer
Scrub table legs
Paint wooden couch

Wash and arrange inside utensil drawers- label
Repaint benches
Put pads on back of wooden couch
Toilet paper supply

Toilet paper supply
Sort utensil baskets
Scrub chairs
Order new cushions for wooden couch
Clean towels

Clean towels
Clean /arrange inside upper cupboards
Glue chair
New cushion covers for new cushions for wooden couch
Towel supply

Towel supply
Wipe outside upper cupboards

Move TV to family room
Wash outside of cupboard
Wash outside of cupboard
Scrub wall above counter

Paint shelf
Wash both sides of door
Wash both sides of door
Scrub counter

Wash walls
Wash behind oven
Wash walls

Wash front door

Clean oven
Paint dresser


Sort arrange tupperware cupboard

Sort arrange baking dish cupboard

Wish us well, friends. 

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