Sunday, March 16, 2014

Springtime games

The kids are very eager to be out in the lengthening days and strengthening sunshine.  They play in the wet snow.  They ride their bikes on the freshly clean driveway and parking lot. 

And they absolutely love to be out on our southern exposure front porch.  It's a little pocket of warmth on a sunny day getting the heat from the southern sun.  And our lightly colored home reflects it back onto that little area creating a nice little oven this time of year. 

We also enjoy this little oven effect inside, opening the inside door so we can the enjoy the light and heat pouring in through the window in the storm door.  On a really sunny day, we even open that storm door window and let the warmed fresh air stream in. 

But once that inside front door is open, it's more than the kids can stand.  The simply must be out on the front porch.  And I kind of encourage it.  The sun is good for them.  The fresh air is splendid.  And so what if they get a little chilled.  So what if they drag blankets and pillows out there. 

After a winter cooped up inside, or bundled up in snowclothes, it's wonderful to be able to let them just be. 

Here are a few pictures from yesterday's forts.  I'm not sure what role all the dishes  were playing.  Inge said it wasn't a tea party, but she didn't really say what it was.  They hang the blankets around to protect from the cool breeze and then divide up the porch into rooms or hidey holes.  This was our youngest five.  Ages 5-12, all playing together sweetly for over an hour.

Sophie, Inge and Donna

I was trying to show the little hiding places under and around the chairs, but Donna stepped in at the last minute.  We got a fine view of her Ninja turtle costume, though. 

John and Stella.

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