Saturday, March 15, 2014

New goals for a new season

The kids recently celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday at school.  So they've been reciting various parts of the different books.  One of them said yestereday, "No ups, I'm sleeping in today."

I've been needing a boost this winter.  I feel like every day is No Ups with me. 

But thanks to my friend, Dana, I'm taking on something new.  Dana is also a Lutheran pastor's wife.  She and her husband are much younger than Joe and I, but they have a growing family with very busy and imaginative children.  Very often her stories remind me of where Joe and I were ten or fifteen years ago.  Dana's posted various times about a Biggest Loser contest she participates in through a facebook group.  Different times I've been tempted. 

This time, too.  I was tempted.  But the way I frantically search my cupboards lately, and buy pop, and sweets, and whatever I can get my hands on, ... The way I sit around and can hardly make myself get off my chair, ... I just wasn't sure I wanted to commit. 

But something has to be done.  That fat little rabbit has been sitting on my ticker for way to long without moving.  And in fact, truth be told, he'd have to move backwards about ten or fifteen pounds if I wanted to still use that ticker.

So I've decided.  I've decided to join the Spring Biggest Loser challenge with my friend, Dana.  She was so excited for me last night when I was chatting with her about it.  She almost even got me excited for it, too.  See, that's how bad it is around here, even a new plan and an excited supporter, ... even that barely gets my energy going. ...  "She almost even got me excited."  Pathetic, Mary. 

In the next few days, maybe even today, I'll be changing my ticker.  A new ticker for a new goal.  My goals don't have so much to do with a specific amount of weight loss.  Just a little bit more control.  Of my eating.  Of my sitting around.  Of the procrastination.  And other less than constructive habits.  I don't think I can quantify those things for a ticker, so the ticker will represent weight loss. 

For the Biggest Loser Challenge, I have to send in before and after pictures.  Some of the others posting their pictures are so brave, ... doing the clingy, exercise clothing shots.  I'm just not able to do this.  The first photos I had Joe take, ... Well, at least I know I'm disguising somewhat the rolls and droops and sags.  I look pretty good actually.  But I think for the sake of integrity, ... I need to find something a little more form fitting to send in.

If I could capture the fat roll I see when I'm sitting here at my laptop.  I'm slouched down in my chair with my feet up on the piano bench. I look down and see that roll.  It just rolls, ... We're not talking muffin top here, we're talking ... mushroom top.  Or weeping willow even.

I think I'll post the ones Joe took, just to have a public reference.  But trust me and rest at ease, you'll not be subject to photos with anything clingy.  And you're also not getting the one with my feet on the scale. ...

But yes, I'll try to post here periodically.  My readers here are another source of support and knowing that you'll see my progress or lack thereof, ... It might help. 

My walking ladies and I have not walked much since last summer.  But two of us are committed to starting again regularly on Monday.  Connie been suffering with chronic tendonitis in her Achilles tendon.  Jan has had hip/ knee pain.  So it's just Lana and I.  But we ARE going to start in again, right Lana? 

It's time.  Time for a change. 

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