Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 2 couch to 5K stats

I did the walks bit slower today, since I have kind of a sore foot, wimp; but it doesn't hurt when I jog, so I did those a bit faster.

Today I did
  • 5 minute brisk warm-up walk @ 3.1-3.3 mph
  • seven 60 second jogging intervals @ 4.6-4.8 mph (one was even at a brisk 5 mph)
  • seven 90 second walking intervals @ 3.1-3.3 mph
  • 5 minute cool down @ 3.3 mph at first, then gradually slowing a bit, as I cooled down.
According to the tread mill, I covered a distance of 1.71 miles and burned 220 calories total, of which 68 were fat calories.

Again, order to get my goal of 40 minutes, I also did
  • two sets on the Nordic rider, 50 in the pulling position, and 25 in the pushing position, each set; and
  • 10 minutes on the Gazelle, four sets of 20 in each of 5 alternate positions, and however normal position I needed to get the 10 minutes.  I didn't really count them.

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