Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meet the Cowans

From what I can determine, it was in September of 2009, when this video of Marlow and Frances Cowan first "went viral" on youtube.  The following is that original video clip.

I enjoyed this video clip so much I did a little research on the Cowans. They are from Iowa. Marlow is 91 this month. They perform at local functions on both the piano with handbells.

Because of their youtube fame, the Cowans returned to the Mayo Clinic Atrium for a less impormptu performance last March.  The mayo clinic posted a series of videos of that performance.  I've not watched them all, yet.  (I have a somewhat slow connection.)  But I hope to take time to watch them all soon.

Return I

Return II

Return III

Return IV

Return V

Return VI

Return Finale

After that concert in March, their fame continued to escalate and they appeared on Good Morning America last year, in May.  I love their take on life.


Very inspiring.  If only I had that much spunk and such an good attitude at my age, 40 something.  I will aspire to that in my daily life.  I didn't find any more recent news of this delightful couple.  I pray they are well.

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