Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Handsome Oldest Son

Some potential graduation pictures we took over Christmas break.  The first group are from among the set Joe took on his own.  

This one is pretty close to how Jeremy usually looks.  Do we go with the natural look?
Another natural look, but with more distracting wall stuff in the background.
I have a cropped version of this one that's pretty good, but I'd still like to see his eyes.
Too white an glaring.  Makes me squint to look at it.
This second set is after theMom made Jeremy brush his hair and suggested a couple of more uniform backgrounds.  theMom was also engaged in silly antics behind Joe's back in an attempt to coerce Jeremy, who hates to smile for pictures, to be more, well, smiley.

Too much white shirt.  I'll try to crop it.  I love the smile.

Missing an eye.  Looking intrigued.  An oft seen expression.
Again missing an eye. But I like the smile.
I like this one, too.  So hard to decide.
I love the somewhat confused expression on this one.

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