Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 3, Week 2, Couch to 5K

OK, I must admit, I'm tired of this already.  BORING.  Mostly because I'm stuck to indoor exercise, which I hate, for another few months here.

Next week Connie will be back to her routine after her vacation, so I'll look forward to visiting again during my workout.  I've downloaded the Lestyn podcasts which have prompts to change speed, but no music.  So hopefully I can pay enough attention to hear them, while I yakety-yak with Connie.

Today, in order to keep going and not quit out of sheer boredom, I visualized the 5K I hope to run in Fosston this summer.  I love Fosston.  It's such a pretty little town.  I like the variety of house styles and the landscaping.  It also helps that because of the warmth of the buildings, spring comes there about three weeks earlier than it comes here. 

Today I didn't write down all my stats.  I did the workout, I tried to do 4.6 mph on the jogging intervals and 3.2 on the walking.  I didn't do any extra minutes today, since I'm a little pressed for time. 

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