Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 2 of Week 2, Couch to 5K

I was kind of wiped out today.  Low grade asthma, I think.  I felt out of breath much more easily than I should have.  It took me the entire 2 min. of walking interval to catch my breath after each jog, and usually it's just a matter of maybe 10- 20 seconds.  So each time I caught my breath it was time to go again and I just wasn't feeling motivated for that much cardio intensity today. (The Couch to 5 K narrator on my podcast advises keeping your jog slow enough that you can carry on a conversation; I don't think I could have done that even during my walks today.)

I took everything a bit slower than normal, plus backed down even further for the last two intervals.  That was kind of a bummer for me, but as least I didn't stop all together.

Today I did

  • 5 minute slightly less brisk warm-up walk @ 3.2-3.3 mph
  • six 90 second jogging intervals @ 4.6 mph (dropping to 4.4 mph for intervals 5 & 6))
  • five 2 minute walking intervals @ 3.2 (dropping to 2.7 mph for the last two)
  • 5 minute cool down @ 2.7 mph
According to the tread mill, I covered a distance of 1.76 miles and burned 226 calories total, of which 70 were fat calories.  It took me 29 minutes.

I also did

  • two sets on the Nordic rider, 50 in the pulling position, and 25 in the pushing position, each set; and
  • 10 minutes on the Gazelle, one set of 20 in each of 5 alternate positions, three sets of 30 in each of 5 alternate positions, and however in the "fast" position I needed to get the 9 minutes.  I didn't count them.

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