Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SAHMOSCA The Easy 12-Step Program for Stay at Home Moms of Small Children

By incorporating these easy steps into your daily routine, you too can improve your sense of accomplishment..

Do you ever feel like you don't get anything done?  Are there times you feel further behind at the end of the day than when it began?  Do your kids ever make a mess in one room while you are busy cleaning up the mess in another.

Shake off that futile feeing with this new and exciting "Cross off Your List" system.
  • Step 1:  Get Up.  
This may seem like a freebie, but even this can seem difficult some days.
  • Step 2:  Get Dressed.  
It may be tempting to stay in your jammies.  Then you won't ruin any of your nice clothes with spit-up, jam, or the black lipstick you have to clean up after your little one got into his big sister's room.  But you'll feel better dressed.  Just keep a supply of grubbies on hand to wear around the house
  • Step 3:  Put your Jammies Away.  
Whether under your pillow, on a hook, or in the corner of the closet, have a place to keep your jammies when you're not wearing them.  Your clothes can go there at night, too, on the rare occasions they make it through the day without becoming soiled.
  • Step 3:  Brush your Teeth and Hair.  
You'll feel better, smell better, and you will be less likely to serve your family loose hairs with their meals.
  • Step 4:  Make Your Bed.  
You mom taught you this years ago, just do it.  If you're feeling especially generous, you can even make your husband's side.  :-)
  • Step 5:  Throw a load of wash in.  
  • Step 6:  Feed your kids breakfast.  
  • Step 7:  Do breakfast dishes.  
Right away.  Just do it.  No e-mail or facebook until it's done.
  • Step 8:  Throw another load of wash in.
  • Step 9:  Read a story to your kids.
  • Step 10:  Read another one.
  • Step 11:  Just sit and watch your kids.  
Enjoy their personalities.  Note their small accomplishments.  Thank God for them.
  • Step 12:  Look how much you've gotten done!  
Sit down with a cup of coffee and a good book or your favorite morning show.  Just remember to get up again in 15 minutes or a half hour tops.

Wow, I feel so much more accomplished just writing about it.  I've  got a few more steps to do this morning (I'm not going to tell you which ones) so I better get moving.


Mom of FIVE said...

I love this! I need to post that list daily!

theMom said...

And the beauty of it is that even if you don't get any other quantifiable tasks done, you've still done this. Yeah!

I'm off to read to my kids.

theMom said...

I had such a nice comment from another mom of small children, and somehow I deleted it. Here it is, cute and pasted from my e-mail notification.

"Mary, this is sooo my life right now. Thank you for this post and for making me feel like I have indeed accomplished something. Not only that, I have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, I have the entire day ahead of me! Thank you for this and I always appreciate your FB comments on the Simple Trust group. Sincerely, Rebekah Theilen"

Thankyou Rebekah for your kind words. It's good to see that all the ups and downs of my life can serve the purpose of helping others in their maternal vocations.