Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Parental Oversight is Required

I'm so disgusted with something I discovered last night while dinking around on the web.  But the worse thing is that these things were originally created for MTV, which many children watch unsupervised.  I'm appalled.

I suppose I am a bit naive, since we don't have television, so we don't get to see how far downhill mainstream television content has gone.  But in some ways, that makes it easier for me to notice such demise when I'm confronted with it.  I've written on this topic before.

I'm going to warn you that the following will include some graphic language, but since you may not be as naive as I am, it may not be as graphic as I feel it is.

After hearing the Black Eyed Peas during half time last night, I recognized their sound from my kids' radio listening.  I started loading various music videos that correspond to some of the Black Eyed Peas songs.  I also found corresponding lyrics pages for scan as I listened.

One of the milder songs lyrically, had the worst video of the ones I viewed.  (Well, there was a video I didn't even watch because the kids came in just then.  After all the butt caressing and jostling in the first few moments of "My Humps," I closed that one pretty quickly.  I'm not sure what followed that, um, interesting beginning.)

The video to the song, "I Gotta Feeling," began with gals who appeared to be getting ready to do some streetwalking.  As the video continued, however, it became apparent that they were just getting dressed like hookers to go to a party.  The first minutes of the video showed female singer, Fergie, getting ready for her night out.  Legs in the shower, stopping just short of..., well, you know; front view in nothing but a micro bra and panties, then the back view which was even more micro; then she sits at her dressing table upon which is sitting a little doll dressed in a hootchie mama type negligee. 

After everyone got to the party, there was lots of necking and gyrating, caressing and titillating, between couples of opposite and same gender.  There were scenes of obvious inebriation and/or drugged out behavoir.  Basically a drunken orgy type setting.

I mentioned my revulsion to Joe and he showed me one he has seen when he was in someone's home.  The TV was just tuned to MTV during the middle of the day, at a regular person's home.  This one was Lady Gaga's "Alejandro."  This video was filled with S&M scenes, with scantily clad characters engaged in chaining and whipping and gyrating.

Yeah, say whatever you want about artistic license.  But this junk used to be considered pornographic.  What is wrong with people that they think this is normal?!?  What is wrong with parents that they allow this to be viewed in their homes by their kids?!?

This is deviant behavior.  It is not normal.  Please be aware of what is on TV in your homes.  Please be aware of what your kids are viewing on the TV or computer, phone, ipod...  Please take a stand against this kind of tripe.

Again, this is deviant behavior.  It is not normal.

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