Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2nd Go at Week 4, Day 2, Couch to 5K

I got through the workout and even walked extra, since Connie and I were visiting.  But alas, I left my notebook with all my stats sitting somewhere at her house.   But I got through the scheduled couch to 5K and did some Nordic Rider stuff.

Oh, and by the way, we've decided that trying to improve balance while on the treadmill is not a good thing.  You know those balance exercises for which you first get balanced and then close your eyes and maintain balance.  Yeah, well, don't try it on the tread mill.  It's, uh, not a good thing.

Connie, who at that point had been doing her wii workout upstairs, came running down to see what the racket was...

"I'm fine, Connie.   Just fell off the back end of the treadmill.  Don't mind me."


Jenny said...

Mary, a good friend of mine here in Richmond just broke her arm while on the treadmill-- the phone rang, and she went to answer it, and then realized the TV was on too loud to hear the phone, so then reached for the remote, and went all catty-wampus on the 'mill... it spat her hard and she landed on her arm. It broke just under the shoulder, and she's still in searing pain about 5 weeks out! Be careful, Girlie... :)

theMom said...

I know, Jenny, some of the stories I've heard. People get seriously injured. And I'm so uncoordinated anyway...

The lady I exercise with has a granddaughter who has a big scar on her arm because when she was little she had somehow gotten her mom's turned on and fallen with her arm on the conveyor and left her with a major conveyor burn.

We are always careful to remove the key after Friday's workout, since Connie's grandkids come most Sundays.

But, yes, I'm done with the eyes closed business. Silly me.