Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Non-Couch to 5K workout

I worked out for 30 minutes today, but I did not do my Couch to 5K.  I started on the Gazelle with Connie on the tread mill.  But after about five minutes Joe called with news that a friend was bringing some roosters over for us.  So I wanted to cut short my workout.  I chose to stay on the Gazelle for a total of about 10 minutes, then about 5 minutes on the Nordic Rider and I finished with about 15 minutes walking on the tread mill.  I could have jogged, but then I would have been totally dripping wet when I returned home and I didn't want to sweat that much.

Remember the old deodorant commercial from the 70s?  "Some people perspire. I sweat."  My sister always laughed that I should have been featured in that commercial.  I am just a sweater.  I've taken to bringing a cloth diaper along to Connie's.  One of the unfolded variety.  I roll it diagonally and then tie it around my forehead like a bandana.  Works like a charm!

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