Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Here with my Girls

I have my little Sophie home from school today.  She contracted this dumb influenza type bug some of my family have battled in the last few weeks.  Fever and aches for her yesterday and recovery today.

Inge is feverish today, but not so much so that she can't sneak out to sit on our front porch and talk to the kitties.  She and Donna are out there, now.

Sophie asked me what a blog is and how it works, so I am writing to demonstrate the process to her.  She is leaning on my right shoulder and reading as I type.

Sophie asked if a blog was like a diary and I said that yes, it is.  But that I can choose whether or not to allow others to read it and if I want, I can choose to allow only certain people to read it.

Stella is here also, leaning on my left arm.  Stella does not yet read fluently, but she reads enough to asked why I kept writing Sophie's name.  So now here is a "Stella" for her to read.  She's already noticed and counted the previous two in the paragraph, but has not yet noticed this last one.

I love my girls and although I don't like when they are sick, I like the snuggles they give when they are.

I love you, Stella and Sophie.

Lest any others read at a later time, I also love Jeremy, Matt, Louisa, Elsie, Clara, John, Donna and Inge.  And of course, my husband, Joe.

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