Monday, April 25, 2011

Couch to 5K, Day One of Week Five, Take Two

I did it!  I'm so pleased with how my workout went today.  I really should have done it outside, since the weather is absolutely lovely.  But since Connie was gone and two of my girls were doing some spring clean-up in her yard, I did the treadmill thing.  I didn't want them there unattended. 

But because I was working out alone, I committed myself to see how much I'd improved by really pushing myself.  Now, if you're already a consistent runner, don't laugh.  You just have to remember where I started.

I still did the seven minutes of warm-up, instead of the five, but otherwise I stuck to the program.  I kept my waking speeds up at 2.9-3.0 mph and my jogging speeds at 3.9-4.0 mph.  That's quite a bit faster than I've been able to do consistently since about the Week 2 workout.

I only did the Couch to 5K, because the girls heard a funny noise outside that I needed to check out and I didn't feel like going back downstairs after being out in the sunshine.  But I'm sure I'll be outside most of the afternoon doing some fairly active task.  Who can sit around inside on a day like today?

The treadmill told me I travelled 1.87 miles, burned 241 calories and 75 fat calories.   It took me 32.5 minutes.

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